Mayor on Air

Once a month, following the Council meeting, the West Coast Mayor visits the local radio station, West Coast 7XS, for a live Mayor on Air show.  Occassionally the Mayor is joined by the General Manager and other special guests.

Listeners have the opportunity to call 7XS with their Council-related queries. Whilst we enjoy the listener calls, it should be noted that listeners/callers to Mayor on Air should still lodge their request/query by contacting Council.  People can call 64 714 700, email wcc@westcoast.tas.gov.au, lodge a request from this website (Service Request), or call into the Office in Queenstown.

Here are the responses from Mayor on Air queries:

June 2017: Mayor on Air - June 2017(108 kb)

May 2017: Mayor on Air - May 2017(138 kb)

May 2017: Mayor on Air 2 May 2017(115 kb) (April Council meeting was held 27 April, hence related Mayor on Air was 2 May)

March 2017: Mayor on Air - March 2017(108 kb)

February 2017: Mayor on Air - February 2017(734 kb)

January 2017:Mayor on Air - January 2017(489 kb)

December 2016: Mayor on Air - December 2016(622 kb)

November 2016: Mayor on Air - November 2016(146 kb)

October 2016: Mayor on Air - October 2016(113 kb)

September 2016: Mayor on Air - September 2016(155 kb)

August 2016: Mayor on Air - August 2016(329 kb)

July 2016: Mayor on Air - July 2016(492 kb)

June 2016: Mayor on Air - June 2016(360 kb)

May 2016: Mayor on Air - May 2016(429 kb)

April 2016: Mayor in Air - April 2016(456 kb)

March 2016: Mayor on Air - March 2016(405 kb)



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