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The West Coast Council comprises of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and seven (7) other Councillors. Each half of the Council is elected every two years for a four-year term, to ensure continuity of business.  The role of the Council is to concentrate on policy formulation, including adopting the Budget, Strategic and Annual Plans and determining approval guidelines. This also involves the monitoring of management systems and conducting community consultation.

The implementation of Council policy and the management of its resources is the responsibility of the General Manager, who is appointed by the Council. The General Manager has the task of providing policy advice to Council and advising Council during its deliberations on all decisions.

The West Coast continues to be on the threshold of significant economic development opportunities, particularly surrounding the mining & tourism industries. The Council will take a leadership role in providing and developing required infrastructure, which is appropriate for the community in the twenty-first century.

Council's Priorities for 2012-2013 include completing the $48 million Capital Works Program, incorporating the following major projects: 

  • Driffield/Conlan Street (Stage 1 & 2) - $1,200,000
  • Strahan Cycelway (Stage 2)- $500,000
  • Road Sealing Program - $350,000
  • Walkway/Cycleway Rosebery - $250,000
  • Wakefield Creek Bridge, Trial Harbour - $215,000

Many other capital works projects are planned for the general improvement of the municipality and in line with environmental requirements.  Details can be viewed in Council's Annual Plan 2012-2013(2356 kb)

Strategic Plan 2010-2015

The Strategic Plan 2010-2015 Strategic%20Plan%202010-2015 (2337 kb) for the West Coast is the basis for determining our municipality's Vision, Purpose, Values, Priorities and Actions to be accomplished up to and including 2015.

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