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Waste Management

Council has a responsibility to its community to manage waste in an appropriate, well-planned manner, which can facilitate the protection of natural and physical resources and the health and safety of residents.

Garbage Collection & Wheelie Bins

The urban areas of the municipal area receive a weekly mobile garbage bin (wheelie bin) collection service.  Wheelie bins are available for purchase from Council.

When does my wheelie bin get collected? Council conducts weekly collections in each West Coast town:

  • Tuesday - Zeehan, Strahan  and Gormanston
  • Wednesday - Queenstown
  • Thursday - Rosebery & Tullah


Council conducts a monthly recycling collection service - this is voluntary and available to the towns who currently receive rubbish collection.

Queenstown and Strahan residents will have their recycling bins emptied the first Friday of each month. Rosebery, Zeehan and Tullah residents will have theirs emptied the second Friday of each month. Bins will be collected from 7am onwards.

Items for recycling are:

  • Milk cartons and plastic beverage containers marked 1-7
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Brochures
  • Office paper
  • Cardboard
  • Cartons (with the exception of waxed vegetable boxes and pizza boxes containing scraps)
  • Steel cans and aerosols
  • Aluminum cans and aerosols
  • Glass

Individual residents as well as businesses are encouraged to recycle - if you rent a property you can register for the service yourself or discuss the program with your landlord and they may cover the costs!

Please contact Council on (03) 64714 700, visit Council's Queenstown Office, or complete a Customer Feedback Form to arrange the purchase and delivery of a garbage and/or recycling wheelie bin.

Waste Transfer Stations

Transfer Stations are located in each town for the disposal of household waste.

Council requests that patrons using the transfer stations respect the facility provided. Please read and obey signs at the transfer stations. Did you know that if you place household waste in the wrong area (eg. green waste area) you could get a fine up to $500?

The transfer stations have been set up predominately for domestic use and by 'Doing the Right Thing' you are helping yourself as well as the whole community.

Call 6471 4700 for all loads that need to go direct to the central landfill in Zeehan.

Bulk waste, hazardous waste and asbestos should not be disposed of at the transfer stations. For details regarding disposal of bulk and hazardous waste contact Council.

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