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About the West Coast

The West Coast landscape is inspiring, offering a wealth of activities and experiences that will want you coming back for more!  The magnificent scenery of the West coast can be enjoyed from the air, the rivers and lakes, walking tracks, car and four-wheel drive. 

Trial Harbour: A 30 minute drive along a good gravel road through rainforest and buttongrass plains. This coastal hamlet has magnificent beaches, fishing and a spectacular view available from the surrounding hills. There are no shops or facilities.

Granville Harbour: Travel 30kms along a sealed road which then turns onto a gravel road for a further 8kms. Granville is a small fishing and holiday community. As with Trial Harbour, there are no shops or facilities.

Queenstown: A mining town with over one hundred years of continuous mining, Queenstown is a popular tourist destination.  The home of the West Coast Wilderness Railway and the infamous 'Gormy Hill' , Queenstown offers a variety of unique sightseeing opportunities.

Rosebery: Built around a zinc and lead mine, Rosebery sits in a picturesque valley surrounded by rainforest. Tom McDonald discovered gold in 1893 and soon a village was built at the base of Mt Black. McDonald named the village after Lord Rosebery, the Prime Minister of England at the time. A predominately mining town with a population of approximately 1300 people, Rosebery is situated in a rainforested valley between three mountains - Mt Murchison, Mt Black and Mt Read. Rosebery enjoys long, cold and wet winters with highland snowfall - all a must-have for the rainforests to survive!

Strahan: The major port during the West Coast's booming mining days, Strahan is now a base for a thriving tourism and aquaculture industry.

Tullah: Originally a mining town then the base for Hydro projects, Tullah is now a small but popular tourist destination.

Zeehan: Once the third largest town in Tasmania, Zeehan now has a population of around 600.  Many original buildings still stand and recent mining explorations and developments see Zeehan becoming a popular base from which to explore the West Coast.    

Gormanston & Linda: Just 15 minutes out of Queenstown you can experience these once thriving towns, rich in mining heritage and history.

Please visit Western Wilderness for information regarding stuctured activities and at-your-own-pace experiences to be enjoyed around the West Coast.

Getting to the West Coast

If travelling from interstate, you can fly to Hobart, Launceston, Burnie and Devonport on the major commercial airlines. 

An overnight passenger and car ferry service operates between Melbourne and Devonport.  For more information on the Spirit of Tasmania services call 1800 634 906 or visit http://www.spiritoftasmania.com.au/

To the West Coast from Launceston..

...via Burnie

Travel along National Highway 1 from Launceston through Burnie, turning left at the miniature Sydney Harbour Bridge onto the C112. 

At the top of the hill (past the Lactos Cheese Factory) is the B18 junction.  Continue straight ahead - this is the road leading through Ridgley, Highclere (with a roadhouse) and Hampshire and directly to the West Coast.

Just past the intersection of the A10 there is a rest stop then C132/Murchison Highway junction.

Read below for details on getting to the West Coast from the junction.

...via Cradle Mountain

Travel along National Highway 1 to the Elizabeth Town turnoff (on the left).  This is just past Deloraine, about 45mins from Launceston.

Turn left on the C156 heading towards Sheffield on a narrow road. Just outside Sheffield turn left onto C136, or travel into Sheffield and look at the murals.

From Sheffield (C136) travel through Gowrie Park then Moina.  From the Moina intersection turn left onto C132 and continue past the turn-off to Lemonthyme Lodge on the left and onto the Cradle Mountain turn-off which is also on the left.

A Visitors Information Centre is located 5km along the road.

From the turn-off continue on the C132 for approximately 30 minutes to the A10 at the Murchison Highway junction.

Read below for details on getting to the West Coast from the junction.

...from the Murchison Highway junction

From here it is approximately 30 minutes to Tullah, where after crossing Lake Rosebery the turn off to Queenstown, Strahan and Zeehan is on the left (B28). 

Strahan and Zeehan can also be reached by going straight ahead and staying on the A10.  This is also the way to reach Rosebery.

After driving over Mount Black and through Rosebery you will reach the junction of the A10 and B27 which is 5km from Zeehan.  Turn right to travel to Zeehan and Strahan. 

The B27 junction to Strahan is on the left on the entrance to Zeehan.  From here it is approximately 30 minutes to Strahan.

At the junction of the A10 and B27 you can turn left to reach Queenstown and Strahan, although it is quicker to reach Strahan by turning right.  Queenstown is approximately 30 minutes from this junction.

To the West Coast from Hobart

From Hobart take National Highway 1 to Bridgewater.  Turn left onto the A10 and cross the Derwent River at New Norfold.

About an hour from Hobart you will reach hamilton and then 10 minutes further along you will reach Ouse.  The roadhouse here is the last food and fuel stop until Derwent Bridge which is another hour away.

From Derwent Bridge you will travel down Mt Arrowsmith and Victoria Pass.  From here you will cross Bradshaw Bridge over Lake Burbury - you are now on the West Coast.

Just after Lake Burbury you will travel through the towns of Linda and Gormanston before driving down the infamous Gormanston Hill.  At the bottom is Queenstown.

As you drive into Queenstown turn right at the Bridge on the B24 and this will take you towards Strahan, Rosebery, Zeehan and Tullah. 

More information about travelling distances and times can be found at http://www.westernwilderness.com.au .

Useful Information

Mobile Telephones: Telstra mobilenet is the only service that works on the West Coast. 

RACT: for vehicle emergencies and breakdowns call 13 11 11

Newspapers: all major Tasmanian newspapers, along with the Herald Sun, the Age and the Australian, can be purchased at West Coast newsagencies

ATMs and Eftpos: all West Coast towns have ATMs and Eftpos facilities

Public Toilets: for a list of public toilets on the West Coast please visit http://www.toiletmap.gov.au

For more information regarding services and facilities available on the West Coast please view the West Coast Directory or visit http://www.westernwilderness.com.au

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