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One of the most important things that we can all easily be involved in regarding weed management is preventing the further spread of weeds.  It may seem pedantic but by simply mowing your lawn you can transport weed seed.  Weeds such as Spanish heath will easily get their seed caught in machinery such as mowing/slashing equipment which is then transported wherever the machinery goes and can be deposited in a previously weed free site.  Vehicle and individual hygiene is also important when exiting weed infested sites.  The seed of gorse and broom is often spread through mud and soil caught in boots and tyres.  The easiest way to prevent the spread of weeds is to identify areas contaminated by weed infestation and to implement a wash-down process before leaving the areas.  This may involve making sure you bang the soil off the bottom of your shoes or washing down car tyres. 

The West Coast Weed and Fire Management Group have a mobile wash-down unit with a 1000 litre water tank and a petrol powered water pump, which is available for loan to any group conducting activities such as earthworks in a weed infested area.

spray unit

Weed control methods vary depending on a variety of factors such as size of plant, number of plants, and weed species.  The most effective form of weed control is to remove the plant completely.  Other methods include cutting the plant at the base and poisoning the stump, spraying the foliage, or injecting herbicide into the trunk.  The West Coast Weed and Fire Management Group own a 600 litre utility or trailer mounted spray unit, which is available for loan for anyone wanting to control environmental weeds on their property.  When using herbicides, always follow instructions provided by the manufacturer. 

For any advice regarding weed control or hygiene, contact the West Coast Weed and Fire Management Group.


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