Mayor's Message 14 June 2016

The flood emergency experienced across the state was devastating to many communities with loss of lives, livestock and property.

The clean-up will be long and works to rebuild affected infrastructure will be costly.  Council received many requests from residents wanting to help which is very heart-warming and a sign of the generosity we can show people in times of need.  Details of where people can donate are available on Council’s Facebook page.

The West Coast got through the heavy rainfall relatively unscathed in comparison to other regions.  Flooding occurred in Strahan resulting in the closure of People’s Park whilst Pea Soup Creek at Zeehan broke its banks, resulting in some road closures for a short period of time.  A landslide isolated Trial Harbour for a day, with contractors working into the night to remove debris and repair damage.  Flooding also caused damage to unsealed road infrastructure on Granville Harbour Road, undermining Rocky Bridge on one end.  The bridge is safe for traffic, with repair works to be completed once the risk of flooding has passed.

A reminder for us all to check regularly on our neighbours, especially the elderly and people living alone.  Some people may not be as connected as others and are at greater risk in an emergency.  A simple phone call or quick visit can ease everyone’s mind and also help to strengthen communities and build friendships. 

News last week of the potential reopening of the Henty Mine has been welcomed by Council and West Coasters.  It was pleasing to read that several of the positions advertised request residential living on the West Coast.  The broader value that a large workforce based in our region brings cannot be forgotten, with schools and small businesses etc to benefit.  Noting that the West Coast community strongly highlighted the negative impact of drive-in/drive-out workforce during the 2025 engagement process.  As a result the West Coast Community Plan 2025 asks for Council to advocate on such issues and Council looks forward to building a positive partnership with Henty’s new operators.

Phil Vickers


11 Sticht Street
PO Box 63
Queenstown TAS 7467