Mayor's Message 20 September 2016

Staff have been working in partnership with TasFire to arrange a community meeting in Zeehan focused on bushfire safety and awareness.

The meeting will be held on Saturday 22 October from 11am.  Council will be discussing our weed management program whilst TasFire will present regarding the Zeehan Community Bushfire Management Plan and the Bushfire Ready Neighbourhood Program.  Mark the date in your calendar, with more details to come soon.

I met with other Mayors at a workshop recently regarding the announcement by TasWater to reduce distributions to Councils.  Key questions to be raised at the next meeting with the TasWater Board in October were agreed upon, as was support for the intent of TasWater to resolve boil water and health alerts across the State.  We will continue monitoring the situation and its potential impact on Council’s budget.

Council’s monthly meeting will be held tonight at the Council Chambers from 5pm.  Members of the public are welcome to come along and gain an insight into the workings of local government. Several applications for financial and in-kind assistance will be tabled, along with the draft Tourism Destination Action Plan for the West Coast and Dog Management Policy.

Simon Lee, the West Coast Economic Development, Tourism & Events Coordinator, has been working with TasPorts to renew the information sign located near the Visitor Centre.  The new sign will be updated to provide current information to tourists.  The sign is in its final design stages and should be installed in the next few months, just in time for the upcoming tourist season. 

Phil Vickers


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PO Box 63
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