Mayor's Message 29 November 2016

The public has the opportunity to make submissions in relation to the proposed parking by-law.

The by-law aims to regulate and control the use of parking areas belonging to, or controlled by, Council.  The draft by-law and regulatory impact statement is available in our Public Notices section or from the Council office.  Submissions must be received by 7 December.

The Zeehan Swimming Pool opens at 2pm this Thursday and the Queenstown Swimming Pool opens at 2pm on Friday.  The Rosebery pool will open on 1 February.  The changes to pool operations has been met with uncertainty within the community however Council maintains that to continue spending $400,000 a year on three pools is no longer possible if we are to continue to operate sustainably.  Information regarding the changes, including operating hours, is available at our Swimming Pools page.

The draft Annual Report for 2015-2016 is available for the public to view.  The report provides a snapshot of what was a very busy year as Council consolidated operations and worked towards building partnerships to move ahead with achieving the outcomes identified in the West Coast Community Plan 2025. Members of the community are invited to make submissions on the draft report, in writing to the General Manager by 5 December. 

Concerns have been raised by councillors, staff and the community about the large amount of rubbish on sides of highways between our communities.  Council staff have commenced discussions with Stornoway on a range of matters, including their litter management programs.  Motorists travelling on the highways over the next few months will come across Stornoway employees collecting rubbish - please be mindful and drive safely.  Whilst the rubbish is unsightly and is the responsibility of Stornoway to clear up, ultimately it is up to individuals to make the right decision and keep rubbish inside their vehicles until they are able to dispose of in appropriate rubbish bins.

Phil Vickers


11 Sticht Street
PO Box 63
Queenstown TAS 7467