Mayor's Message 31 January 2017

Planning for the tourism forum is continuing – this will be a very exciting event for all West Coast business operators as we look at how the region will be promoted and the industry structured moving forward.

This will be a major event for our operators and forms part of the implementation of the Destination Action Plan and the vision adopted in the West Coast Community Plan 2025.

I toured the Zeehan Landfill site last week with fellow Councillors, a very informative visit where senior Council staff and consultants explained the operations of the site and the future works required to ensure it meets future West Coast needs and the requirements of the Environmental Protection Authority. 

Council officers had a discussion with Crown Land Services last week about maintenance money for the Lynchford Road.  Whilst the outcome was not favourable we will continue to investigate a solution.  One possible option is to investigate the State taking full control of the road, I will be talking to the government about that and other options.  Council have initiated a risk assessment for the safety of users and the calculation of the cost of remedial works.  This is currently being done.  In the interim I implore users to drive carefully on the section from the Golf Club to Bradshaw’s Sawmill, adhering to the reduced speed limit and driving to conditions.

It as a pleasure once again to announce the recipients of the West Coast Australia Day Awards.  Geoff Steele, Riley Sheehan and the Lake Burbury Fishing Competition are all worthy recipients and a true reflection of the diversity of our community and the activities we participate in.  All will be recognised at a joint formal civic function in coming weeks.

Phil Vickers


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