Mayor's Message 14 February 2017

A public meeting is being tomorrow night at the Strahan Fire Station to discuss Tassal’s Western Zone Salmon Farm.

The meeting is being facilitated by an assessment team and all stakeholders and community members are invited to attend to discuss any queries or concerns they may have regarding the certification of this farm.  The meeting will be held from 6pm-7.30pm.

Council staff continue to monitor Lynchford Road and a risk assessment has been completed providing Council with clarification regarding the risk and condition of the road.  We are continuing discussions with Crown Land Services and the State Government however to ensure the road is a safe as possible, Council staff have been instructed to remediate the road by laying gravel in the worst sections.  These gravel works are expected to last at least a fortnight, at which point staff will re-gravel.  Whilst seemingly labour intensive, Council maintenance over the last few years has involved cold-mix sealing of affected sections on a 2-3 week basis, costing almost double that of gravel.  We see this as a short term solution only and Council will continue to actively seek a suitable long-term solution to fund the repairs and future maintenance of the road. 

Along with senior staff, I recently met with a consultant to discuss the Land Use Planning Project that Council will soon be undertaking.  This is an essential project that will document a solid evidence base for land use on the West Coast (now and into the future).  It will ensure the transition to the new State-wide Planning Scheme for the West Coast is reflective of our needs and is capable of setting a solid base for future growth in our community.  A component of this project will involve consultation with landowners and other key stakeholders, along with review of current land zoning.  Appropriate use of land and the availability of land for development was raised by the community during the West Coast Community Plan 2025 project, with a strategy adopted in the plan seeking to ensure the provision of commercial, industrial and residential land through appropriate land use planning.


Phil Vickers


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