Mayor's Message 30 May 2017

Whilst Council has been focusing on developing its Annual Plan and Budget for 2017-2018 (to be presented for adoption at the June Council meeting), staff are finalising our current capital works program and working hard to ensure outstanding rates are paid come 30 June. Currently there is approximately $425,000 in rates outstanding

Whilst we understand payment of rates can be difficult for some, it is vital that ratepayers contact Council to make arrangements to pay.  Rates are the major income for Council and enable us to operate sustainably and deliver a large range of services across our communities. 

Council recently signed an interface agreement with the West Coast Wilderness Railway which enables compliance with national safety laws in relation to rail and road crossings.  A further development of this partnership has seen the Railway install some great imagery on the information bays leading into Queenstown.  Council has received a lot of positive feedback from both residents and visitors about the new signs, which provide a great impact and idea about what can be expected in our region.

Cradle Coast NRM recently visited the West Coast and led a workshop with several stakeholders, including CMT, Tassal, Parks and Wildlife, Council and PYBAR to discuss potential objectives and goals for all stakeholders to achieve in combating invasive weed species on the West Coast.  Several opportunities were identified to strengthen communication and work processes, and Council will be submitting an application to seek further funding to continue proactive weed management strategies in the region.  The funding will be used to create a strategy that will meet the needs of the stakeholders and create avenues for stronger partnerships. 

Phil Vickers


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