Mayor's Message 26 September 2017

Council has its monthly meeting tonight at the Rosebery Memorial Hall from 5pm. As always, members of the public are invited to come along and see how we operate.

There’s a lot on the agenda tonight, with Council set to make a decision around the future of swimming pool operations on the West Coast.  Extensive discussions with the community and key stakeholders, and detailed investigations by consultants, has delivered the West Coast Aquatic Facilities Strategy and Business Plan.  The community is encouraged to read through the report, available in the meeting agenda, as there is a lot of details and recommendation to understand.  Whilst acknowledging that budget considerations can’t be ignored, there is no doubt that swimming pools are important facilities for our community. 


Council will also be considering a recommendation determining the footpaths for inclusion in the 2017-2018 Footpath Program, along with a report to amend the current capital expenditure budget.  With Council receiving grant funds for several projects, this has altered the original budget estimates.  We are now able to consider alternative projects for completion this year.


Passengers on board the Spirit of Tasmania last weekend were treated to information about the West Coast, with staff from the West Coast Visitor Information Centre showcasing our region at an information stand over two sailings.  Well over five hundred passengers visit the stand, including football and TV identity Shane Crawford.  Many passengers were surprised by what we have to offer, an indication there is still much to do by way of promoting the West Coast.  Congratulations Bron and Julie for your efforts, and thank you to the Spirit of Tasmania for offering such a great promotional opportunity.



Phil Vickers


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