Mayor's Message 10 October 2017

The Lions Club of Queenstown is celebrating 50 years of service to the community – a fantastic achievement and a credit to all those who have served as members over this time.

The Lions Club is a well-recognised and trusted community organisation who contribute in many ways, including partnering with Council on projects.  One example of this is the fountain area in Driffield Street, Queenstown.  The Lions Club have partnered with a local artist to develop the area into a memorial, with the official opening of the North Lyell Disaster Memorial Park scheduled for this Saturday.  The work, particularly the sculpture, is magnificent.  Congratulations to all involved.


At the September Council meeting, Councillors considered projects for inclusion in this year’s footpath improvement program.  Council staff have done a terrific job identifying and prioritising footpaths in terms of safety and connectivity.  An initial budget of $450,000 has been expanded, with Councillors unanimously agreeing to provide an additional $50,000 from the capital works budget to enable more footpaths to receive works this financial year.


As part of her role as Community Development & Events Officer, Vikki Iwanicki will be hosting a meeting for those interested in becoming part of the Lake Burbury King River Australia Day Picnic committee.  Past picnic coordinator Margie Dare is available to mentor the new committee but is unable to lead the event.  Whilst Council won’t be running the event, through her role Vikki will provide some assistance to the new committee.  Many hands make light work and even if you can spare an hour a week to help out in some way, please go along to the meeting at the Council Chambers at 7pm on Monday 30 October.


Phil Vickers


11 Sticht Street
PO Box 63
Queenstown TAS 7467