Mayor's Message 23 January 2018

Recruitment is currently underway for a Community Learning Officer to be based on the West Coast.

This role will be appointed by UTAS and is part of a collaboration between UTAS, Council and the Government to increase participation, learning and skills on the West Coast.  The role will provide key findings to the Education and Training Advisory Committee.  For more information on applying for the role visit the Employment section of Council’s website.

Confirmation that the Government will contribute to $200,000 towards the Macquarie Heads Camping Ground Expansion Project has been welcomed by Council.  The funds will be used to undertake infrastructure improvements.  Consultants are currently working on developing the master plan for the camping area, with Council to consider recommendations for adoption at a meeting in coming months.

Information regarding the West Coast Mountain Bike Trails is available on our website, with a map of trail locations and trail descriptions currently available (as provided by Parks & Wildlife Service).  Council has received some funding from the Government to develop marketing for the trails – this will commence following the West Coast Branding Project which will kick off in the next couple of weeks.

A reminder for everyone to be vigilant with keeping fire hazards to a minimum at this time of year.  It can seem endless the amount of grass cutting we do in summer – no sooner have you mowed that the grass has shot up again.  Council is pursuing fire hazard growth through the abatement notice process and doing what we can do routinely keep growth on our land down however all property owners need to take responsibility for keeping growth down.


Phil Vickers


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