Conclusion of Mine Assistance Program

4 June 2014 (amended: 4 June 2014)

West Coast Mayor Robyn Gerrity announced today that the Mines Assistance Program coordinated by the Council was nearing conclusion.

The program was established to provide interim employment opportunities for workers who were stood down temporarily while work at the Mt Lyell mine was suspended earlier this year.

Financial assistance of $400,000 by the State Government, together with Council funds permitted 73 mine employees to work with Council staff on some 20 projects, delivering in excess of $1.2M in value to the West Coast.

Mayor Gerrity acknowledged the efforts of Council staff in overseeing the program and the contribution of the mine workers themselves. The projects undertaken included:-

I am particularly thankful of the positive response from our State Government to support the program. Once again it demonstrates how local Councils can swiftly partner with other tiers of government in the efficient delivery of specific projects said Mayor Gerrity.

Authorised for release on Wednesday 4 June 2014 by Greg Winton, interim General Manager, West Coast Council

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