Place of Assembly

Places of Assembly are generally buildings or enclosed spaces that are used for public events such as food festivals, pageants, sports events, dance or similar entertainment for the public that fall within the Place of Assembly Notice by the Director of Public Health that require a Licence under the Public Health Act 1997.

The Director of Public Health has issued Guidelines for Places of Assembly setting out the health and safety requirements for the operation of places of assembly. The guidelines set out the legal requirements and well as offering information to assist persons using the guidelines.

Do I need a licence to operate a Place of Assembly

Generally, yes you will need to hold a Place of Assembly Licence to legally operate such a venue. There are two types of Licences

  • Place of Assembly Licence which is issued to permanent places of assembly annually and is renewable each year; and
  • Temporary Place of Assembly Licence for Specific Events which is issued for the duration of a public event generally at a site that is not usually used as a place of assembly.

Application forms for the two types of Place of Assembly Licence are

How do I obtain a Temporary Place of Assembly Licence

  • You will need to submit an application form to Council including all information detailed on the application form at least four (4) weeks prior to your intended event. This will allow Council time to resolve any issues arising and coordinate any associated matters e.g. street closures etc.
  • Where the event involves tents, marquees, temporary stages and other temporary structures a Temporary Occupancy Permit may be required.
  • Where the event involves the sale of food to patrons you may need a Temporary Food stall permit

Place of Assembly Fact sheets (coming soon!)

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