Information for Applicants

Council is an Equal Opportunity Employer with a policy of advertising vacancies through local media, including The Advocate, West Coast 7XS,Council's Facebook page and this website.

Council's Employment Application Form can be completed and returned to Council via post to PO Box 63 Queenstown 7467 or email careers@westcoast.tas.gov.au .

If a position is advertised and you believe you possess the appropriate skills, you are encouraged to apply. Most advertisements will provide a person to contact from whom a position description can be obtained. Applications must be received by 5pm on the date of closing, unless otherwise stated. Applicants will be notified within ten days whether they have been selected for an interview.

The Interview

Interviews are usually conducted at the West Coast Council Queenstown Office, with the interview panel normally consisting of two people. The interview will follow a standard line of questioning for all applicants.

Application Checklist

Before submitting your application, take a moment to check that you have included the following:


  • Re-read your application, double-checking you have included everything
  • Double-check the closing date
  • Staple your application - no need for folders etc
  • Ensure your contact details are correct
Helpful Tips
  • Take your time preparing your application as these documents are what the selection panel will base their decision on as to whether you are successful in gaining an interview.
  • The covering letter introduces you to Council. The letter should state the position you are applying for, the documents you have enclosed with your application and why you are interested in the position
11 Sticht Street
PO Box 63
Queenstown TAS 7467