Footpath Program

What is the Footpath Program?

This is an initiative of the West Coast Council which aims to provide the community with selected footpaths to be upgraded on a yearly basis.  This program focuses on safety concerns, poor structural condition of the footpaths, connectivity for the community, and also takes into consideration recommendations from the public.  Council believes that it is important to coordinate long-term strategies regarding our asset management to ensure longevity for our facilities and infrastructure. 

Why are we doing the Footpath Program?

This program allows Council to continue implementing the vision adopted by the West Coast community in the West Coast Community Plan 2025, where accessibility, safety and usage along with well-planned assets and infrastructure were included as key outcomes. 

What footpaths are included?

A report was presented to Council for consideration, detailing the program and proposed sites for inclusion.  Criteria for selection was based on safety issues, asset condition and usage.    

Fooptaths approved for the 2017-2018 Footpath Program:

If budget permits, one or more of the following footpaths may also receive upgrades:

When will works start?

Works are scheudled to commenc mid-November 2017 with completion in April 2018 weather permitting. 

Prior to works commencing any expected road closures or traffic delays will be advertised in The Advocate, on West Coast 7XS, on Council’s website (public notices section) and social media pages.

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