The West Coast Council comprises of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and seven other Councillors. The Councillors are elected by the community for a four-year term.

The role of Council is to develop budget, Strategic and Annual Plans for the West Coast municipality, while concentrating on approval guidelines and policy formulation.

In acting as a Planning Authority, Council continuality work toward increasing our development and economic opportunities.

The General Manager is appointed by Council and has the responsibility of the management of Councils resources and the implementation of Council policy, management systems and partnership agreements. The General Manager is to provide advice to Council on all matters during Council deliberations and is tasked with providing strong leadership and advocacy of the Council and West Coast community.

The Governance Department seeks to provide support to the General Manager and elected members through the administration of legislative requirements and stakeholder engagement.

Gifts and Donations Register

A register is kept by the General Manager of Councillor Gifts & Donations. In December 2018 an amendment was made to the Local Government Act that requires new gifts or donations to be made available through Council's website.

There have been no declarations since the amendment of the Act and nothing has been declared for the financial year 2019-2020 to date. New declarations will be placed on the website as they occur.

If you need information for previous declarations, please contact the Executive Assistant on with details of the information you seek.