Covid-19 Information and Updates

As of 30th March, Council offices are closed to the general public. Although we are no longer doing face to face we can still assist you on phone, email, by post or if you drop a letter in our new post box outside the Queenstown office.

Events around Covid-19 are unfolding rapidly. Each day we will provide updates on where to access best government information around the pandemic, effects on Council services and community and information on economic support and operating local businesses. Please stay safe, practice social distancing and good hygiene.

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West Coast Community Plan 2025

The West Coast Community Plan 2025 is the culmination of a successful community engagement program and extensive analysis of data and will now provide the foundation to help guide policies, strategies and actions relating to the West Coast.
Council is developing and formalising partnerships with relevant stakeholders as we work towards delivering the Plan objectives across five focus areas: Our People Our Community, Our Economy, Our Infrastructure, Our Environment and Our Partnerships Our Leaderships.  As a community-driven Plan this is a live document and will be regularly reviewed.
The West Coast Community Plan 2025 project was supported by Primary Health Tasmania under the Primary Health Networks Program - an Australian Government Initiative.