Next Iconic Walk

Tasmania’s next iconic walk is a four stage and multi-year project being managed by the Parks and Wildlife Service.

‘The first and current stage is a study that will test the feasibility of a new multiday hut based walk in the Tyndall Range, between Queenstown and Tullah on the West Coast.  Market testing will identify what attributes affect visitor interest at this location and will inform the design of the walk.  Following this, more detailed investigations will focus on, amongst other things, identifying the preferred walk route, transport and accommodation options; sites and attributes of environmental and heritage value and how they will be managed sustainably; how economic and community benefits for Tasmanians can be best delivered; and the development of operational models, costs and construction schedules to complete the walk.

If a walk is deemed feasible, subsequent project stages will design the infrastructure and contingent on obtaining all required approvals construct and market the new walk. The project is envisaged to deliver employment opportunities during the construction and operational stages, and offers potential to complement other West Coast destinations and attractions.

The Philosopher's Tale

Prepared by Destination West Coast, the concept of The Philosophers’ Tale is driven by a powerful narrative exploring the way that man has shaped this environment and vice versa over the past two hundred years. In 1859 Charles Gould passed through the area and named the peaks of the West Coast Range after the prominent minds of his day, hence the name, The Philosophers’ Tale.

The submission is available for viewing below:

The Philosophers'  Tale submission covering letter

The Philosophers' Tale - full submission