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You can access the live stream of the Council Meeting taking place Tuesday 23 June 2020, 5:00pm here:

All questions from the public should be submitted to the General Manager or a Councillor (to raise on your behalf) up to 7 days prior to the meeting. Those submitted after that time will be taken as questions without notice. A recording of the meeting will be available on our website in the days following the meeting.

You do not need a Microsoft Teams account to join the live stream, select "view in browser" and then "join anonymously".

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  • Public Notice
25th May 2020
A statement from Mayor Phil Vickers concerning the Council Workshops and current issues of community interest.

I have decided to release statements of information following workshops and meetings so that West Coast residents can have timely feedback on the work that Councillors do and the discussions we have on matters that affect the community.

Council held two workshops during May, the 12th and 19th May. Whilst it is not compulsory for Councillors to attend, they form an important part of Councils overall decision-making process.

In attendance on the 12th of May was myself, Deputy Mayor Pitt and Councillors Newman, Shea, Stringer and Styles. Councillors Hall, Graham and Gerrity did not attend. Again, on the 19th of May, myself, Deputy Mayor Pitt and Councillors, Graham, Newman, Shea, Stringer and Styles. Councillors Hall and Gerrity did not attend.

We discussed a number of issues at these workshops including the public submissions on the proposed West Coast Council Logo, the Asset Strategy – Bridges and the revision of the 2025 Community Plan.

Workshops are an avenue for us to share feedback we each receive on issues alongside the formal submissions received. They are also a venue for Councillors to frankly express their views and the views of the community on the issues at hand.

It would be fair to say there was robust discussions about our strategic asset management policies but at the end, there was clear agreement that we needed to develop long term plans to prepare us for the future.

Our decreasing revenue base, along with an agreed expectation of 0% or CPI rate rises, leads us to two options, cut operational day to day services or reduce the level of assets. The answer to this is clear and a significant challenge for us and our staff and the outcomes will not be accepted by the whole community. However, we are committed to do the best we can for current and future West Coasters.

Other briefings received were on the future development of our landfill site and the ongoing development of the Mountain Bike Trails.

We will formally be considering these issues and more, at our Council meeting on 26th May and I urge you to continue to provide input into our plans and strategies.

We are always ready and wanting your ideas, feedback, and concerns.

Yours sincerely

Phil Vickers