Annual Plan Input Survey Open

  • Community Feedback
28th January 2020
Council seeks community input on our upcoming annual plan!

Annual Plan Community Input

Council’s Annual Plan and Budget is an important document which guides the work of the Council team over a financial year and sets the resource allocation Council provides to projects and priorities.

It is important in any Annual Plan that priorities are clearly identified and have appropriate resources allocated that allow them to be achieved. The number of priorities or projects that are included in the Annual Plan will be limited to ensure that they are achievable within the financial year. This means that it is important to identify both areas where Council should do more, and areas where Council can do less. New ideas cannot be implemented without finding savings or increasing revenue.

To help guide Council in setting the Annual Plan and Budget we now invite input from the Community. Priorities and projects should be linked to the West Coast Community Plan 2025 and other strategies adopted by Council. These documents can be found on our website and are available at our office. Ideas not linked to strategies are less likely to be included in the Annual Plan.

Council welcomes your input on the survey here.

Please note there will be no separate “budget bid” process this year. If you have an idea that you think Council should pursue have your say now.

Submissions Due by 14th Feb 5pm.