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Anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms should come forward and get tested. If in doubt, get a test.

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If you have even mild flu symptoms arrange a Covid-19 test by speaking to your GP or calling the Public Health Hotline 1800 671 738.

As of 30th March, Council offices are closed to the general public. Although we are no longer doing face to face we can still assist you on phone, email, by post or if you drop a letter in our new post box outside the Queenstown office.

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Online Council Meetings

You can access the live stream of the Council Meeting taking place Tuesday 23 June 2020, 5:00pm here:

All questions from the public should be submitted to the General Manager or a Councillor (to raise on your behalf) up to 7 days prior to the meeting. Those submitted after that time will be taken as questions without notice. A recording of the meeting will be available on our website in the days following the meeting.

You do not need a Microsoft Teams account to join the live stream, select "view in browser" and then "join anonymously".

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Mayor's Update - May Council Meeting

  • Public Notice
29th May 2020
Update of the results from the May Ordinary meeting of Council

Below is the overview of the recent Council Meeting held on 26 May 2020 in Queenstown.

The meeting was held via video conference with the meeting being streamed LIVE to the public. Myself, Deputy Mayor Pitt, Cr Newman, Cr Shea, Cr Gerrity, Cr Styles attended the meeting in person and Cr Stringer, Cr Hall and Cr Graham joined the meeting online.

Cr Stringer submitted a Motion on Notice asking Council to provide a link and information on the WCC website regarding the process around the submission of community petitions. The General Manager was asked to investigate methods used by other Councils for electronic petitions. The motion was seconded by Cr Shea. Council carried the motion with the General Manager to present further information to Council at an upcoming Council Workshop.


Item #

Open Session – Decision Item

Motion Outcome


Policy WCC.06 Electronic Recording of Council Meetings

Moved Cr Pitt/ Seconded Cr Styles

This policy provides direction and process on how Council is to record meetings held by Council.

Carried Unanimously


West Coast Revised WCCP2025

Moved Cr Pitt/ Seconded Cr Newman

Council is required to undertake a midterm review of the West Coast Community Plan 2025. The supplement presented was put out to the community for public comment and was adopted by Council along with the endorsement of the West Coast Council Corporate Plan.

Carried Unanimously


West Coast Logo Endorsement

Moved Cr Stringer/ Seconded Cr Graham

With over ½ million dollars invested on the West Coast Branding exercise and businesses encouraged to embrace the use of the Branding, a logo change was worthy of consideration. The logo was presented to the public for comment. Councillors raised the concerns of the community as well as concerns around the current timing (COVID–19) and required expenditure of funds, as a result the motion was defeated.

Motion Defeated


Mayor Vickers Cr Newman


Cr Pitt

Cr Styles

Cr Shea

Cr Stringer

Cr Hall

Cr Graham

Cr Gerrity


West Coast Mountain Bike Project – Queenstown Trails

Moved Cr Pitt/ Seconded Cr Shea

Council acknowledged the good work done of this project. With the adoption of stage 1 of the Mt Owen designs, allowing the

General Manager to implement the development application and construction phases.

Carried Unanimously


Education & Training Committee and Livable Communities Advisory Committee. Charter adoption.

Moved Cr Pitt/ Seconded Cr Graham

The new charters were adopted and will allow the committees to positively move forward.

Carried Unanimously


Late Item Commercial Addendum to Financial hardship Assistance COVID–19.

Moved Cr Newman Seconded Cr Shea

The policy presented is an addition to the WCC.021 Financial Hardship Assistance COVID–19 policy previously adopted by Council. This policy will provide an avenue of assistance to those eligible commercially rated properties who are currently experiencing hardship due to COVID-19.

Carried Unanimously


Strategic Asset management Plan – Bridges

Moved Cr Styles/ Second Cr Pitt (option B)

Council agreed to move and carry option B of the report which approved the modification of the Plan to remove the King Street Bridge (former vehicle bridge) at the end of its life and retain the Passion Park Bridge.

Carried Unanimously

Agendas and Minutes for the Council Meetings can be accessed on the West Coast Council website and hard copies are available for viewing at West Coast Council Agencies as listed below.

West Coast Council Queenstown

Post Office Strahan

Post Office Zeehan

Rosebery District High School Rosebery

Tullah Post Office

I would like to thank those people who viewed the meeting online and remind people that questions for public question time can be submitted for the next meeting  via the General Manager, prior to midday the day of the meeting, by emailing or post to PO Box 63 Queenstown 7467.

Yours sincerely

Phil Vickers