Media Release - Climbing to the Top – new West Coast Indoor Climbing Wall and Multi-purpose Wellbeing Space Project

21st March 2023

Following a successful grant from the Tasmanian Community Fund (TCF) to the West Coast Council, the West Coast Indoor Climbing Wall and Multi-purpose Wellbeing Space project is due to commence in the first half of 2023.

The project is focused on leveraging the region’s natural strengths and assets including encouraging wider appreciation and enjoyment of the amazing Western Wilderness.

An indoor climbing facility will significantly enhance the community’s ability to access world-class rock climbing and bouldering at places such as Frenchman’s Cap, Tyndall Ranges and Mt Lyell. It will also enable locals and visitors to safely practice the advanced technical skills needed to utilise these nearby premier climbing destinations and encourage further growth of the sport locally, state-wide and internationally.

In addition to the climbing wall improving the West Coast’s liveability and regional economic development, the multi-purpose wellbeing space will also support the health, wellbeing and connection of the community. The space will encourage new groups to form and enable community organisations and youth groups access to state-of the-art indoor facilities. The space will also be able to be utilised by the community for wellbeing classes such as yoga or other fitness activities.

Mayor Shane Pitt said, “The West Coast has the capability to support the growth of adventure tourism whilst also improving the liveability and social sustainability of the region”. Mayor Pitt said the “West Coast Council was delighted to receive the TCF funding due to its positive impact on the general community by stimulating the local economy by attracting visitors to the area”.

The proposed redevelopment site is currently an outdated squash facility that sees little use of its original purpose. The construction of the project will still leave one squash court intact for users who still wish to play squash.

“While we are pleased that the Tasmanian Community Fund could see the worth of the project, we believe that the fact that we were able to demonstrate the whole of community benefit, was a major factor in our gaining grant support,” Mayor Pitt said. “We believe we presented a good business case with clear budgeting protocols that highlighted the value of the new facility and the community as a whole. It’s fantastic that we have been granted the funding we now need to progress the project.”

The independent community funding body, the Tasmanian Community Fund was established following the sale of the Trust Bank in 1999 to give back to the community proceeds from the sale of a community asset. Since that time the TCF has allocated approximately $58.6 million to approximately 1700 statewide projects.

For further information:

Mayor Shane Pitt 0419 899 667