Packed House for Zeehan Mountain Bike (MTB) Businesses Forum

  • Media Release
28th January 2020
On 16 January 2020 the Zeehan RSL teamed up with the West Coast Council to coordinate and hold an MTB forum.

The forum was designed to inform and update local Zeehan Businesses regarding MTB developments in the region. Around 30 people attended the event. Almost all local businesses came along to hear an update on the MTB developments planned or underway in the region from Council’s Director Special Projects Dirk Dowling and to gain further insights from MTB specialists Simon French (Dirt Art Pty Ltd) and Rob Potter (trail designer and builder) regarding the emerging mountain bike market.

Participants learnt about the opportunities future developments will provide for the region and what mountain bikers are actually looking for in a destination. The evening finished off with a short workshop where attendees were asked to identify what MTB business ‘opportunities’ would be emerging and what some of the ‘obstacles’ to a thriving MTB market might be.”

Mayor Vickers said “The event was well attended by local businesses and there was a real excitement in the air. The existing trails in the area are only the start, further funding from the Federal Government has been promised and the design phase for the Mount Owen Trails is already underway.  Planning for additional trail experiences (including in the Heemskirk Range) will kick off as the additional funding arrives.  It is great to see businesses and community groups coming together to start talking about what they can contribute to boosting the local economy, it’s certainly an exciting time for the West Coast!”