Council Workers Protect Plover Nest

14 September 2015

West Coast Council employees completing works at the Strahan Airport became wildlife rescuers recently. The employees were undertaking maintenance work involving the removal of moss from the sides of the runway and noticed directly next to the runway a birds nest containing four eggs.

The nest belonged to a nearby Spur-winged Plover, known for nesting in open spaces so they can easily see approaching predators.  Native to Tasmania and a protected species, the Council employees did not want to upset the nest and with the mother bird looking on with concern, they gently worked around the nest leaving it fully intact – no easy feat.

“It is pleasing to see our workers taking the time to be mindful of wildlife,” Mayor Phil Vickers said.  “Not only did their actions protect the nest but it is an example of the eye for detail the crews gave during the course of the maintenance.  This resulted in a high standard of work being completed – not to mention the bravery of the workers as everyone knows how plovers react when people go too close to their nests!”

The removal of moss and maintenance to the runway was part of the Council’s ongoing focus to improve and upgrade the Strahan Airport to realise its full potential.  With a proposal for regular passenger transport awaiting approval from CASA and Council in talks with several airlines for services direct to Strahan (including from the mainland) the works have ensured the airport meets required safety standards.