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As of 30th March, Council offices are closed to the general public. Although we are no longer doing face to face we can still assist you on phone, email, by post or if you drop a letter in our new post box outside the Queenstown office.

Events around Covid-19 are unfolding rapidly. Each day we will provide updates on where to access best government information around the pandemic, effects on Council services and community and information on economic support and operating local businesses. Please stay safe, practice social distancing and good hygiene.

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Place of Assembly

Places of Assembly are generally buildings or enclosed spaces that are used for public events such as food festivals, pageants, sports events, dance or similar entertainment for the public that fall within the Place of Assembly Notice by the Director of Public Health that require a Licence under the Public Health Act 1997.

The Director of Public Health has issued Guidelines for Places of Assembly setting out the health and safety requirements for the operation of places of assembly. The guidelines set out the legal requirements and well as offering information to assist persons using the guidelines.

Do I need a licence to operate a Place of Assembly

A place of assembly is required for any mass outdoor public event. This means an event with over 1000 people for 2 hours or more. It may be any performance, exhibition, circus, festival, food festival, pageant, regatta, sports event, dance or publicly advertised lecture. Mass Gathering Appplication forms can be got here