Covid-19 Information and Updates

As of 30th March, Council offices are closed to the general public. Although we are no longer doing face to face we can still assist you on phone, email, by post or if you drop a letter in our new post box outside the Queenstown office.

Events around Covid-19 are unfolding rapidly. Each day we will provide updates on where to access best government information around the pandemic, effects on Council services and community and information on economic support and operating local businesses. Please stay safe, practice social distancing and good hygiene.

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Recreational Waters

Council carry out sampling of recreation waters in the municipality to ensure these waters meet acceptable standards. West Strahan beach is sampled throughout the summer bathing season and the public pools at Rosebery, Zeehan and Queenstown are sampled throughout the bathing season.

The sampling is carried out to assess the waters against the requirements of the Public Health Act  1997 and associated Recreational Water Quality Guidelines 2007. An annual recreational water report is forwarded and sent to the Director of Public Health annually.