Mayor's Message 23 August 2016

Waratah-Wynyard Mayor & General Manager visited last week to workshop the draft Sustainable Murchison Plan with West Coast councillors – an opportunity to discuss plan key themes and relevance to the West Coast, linking to the West Coast Community Plan 2025.

Council has committed to partnering with the Strahan Primary School Association to work towards a multipurpose venue that would provide a facility for both the school and community.  This is an important step for Council, highlighting our commitment to working closely with key stakeholders to deliver outcomes from the 2025 community plan.  Councillor Styles, Councillor Gerrity, Councillor Shea and Council’s Economic Development, Tourism & Events Coordinator will represent Council in the partnership.

Unfortunately recent reports that the West Coast has the highest admission for heart disease in Tasmania do not take into consideration that transient population the region has experienced over the past six years.  Whilst the report may assist in planning for services it isn’t necessarily a true reflection of the West Coast. 

Health and wellbeing was a key component highlighted during Council’s engagement with the community during the development of the West Coast Community Plan 2025.  Indeed a key action item in Council’s 2016-2017 Annual Plan is the creation of a Health and Active Lifestyle Advisory Committee for the region. 

Rural Primary Health Services have also released information following a recent public meeting in Queenstown, with reports indicating that access to services and transport, coordination of services and service sustainability were of highest concern to West Coasters. 

On a positive note, I was pleased to hear that Diabetes Tasmania is now providing services in the region, with a Diabetes Nurse Education and Dietician available one day every month in Rosebery, Zeehan and Queenstown. For more information about services Diabetes Tasmania provide phone 1300 136 588.

Phil Vickers


11 Sticht Street
PO Box 63
Queenstown TAS 7467