Mayor's Message 18 April 2017

Council is continuing its commitment to progress outcomes adopted in the West Coast Community Plan 2025, with applications open to join the new Education and Training Advisory Committee.

Throughout our engagement processes education was a key area of interest for our community and Council is looking forward to working with committee members to drive forward and enhance education and training initiatives on the West Coast.  People interested in joining the committee can contact Simon Lee at the Council office.  Applications close 28 April.

Details for the tourism forum are being finalised with 7 May confirmed.  All West Coast tourism operators, and those with an interest in the industry in our region, are urged to attend.  The event is an all-inclusive exercise, with great speakers lined up, including an international guest. The forum will help set the foundations to grow West Coast tourism and provide the opportunity for operators to work collaboratively. 

West Coast residents can register for the annual kerbside collection to be held 9 & 10 May.  Residents can place rubbish and unused items on footpaths for Council to collect however the items and address must be registered for the collection to occur.  Please contact Council for more details.

In the lead-up to ANZAC Day I encourage everyone to make plans to attend a service if they can.  As always there are services across the West Coast, which are always well attended.  Thank you to those in our communities who take the time to organise these services each year.  As the years move on and our soldiers are sent to new battles it is becoming increasingly important for our communities to not only reflect and remember those that gave their lives for this country but to provide support for those that have returned from theatres of war.

Phil Vickers



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