Mayor's Message 5 September 2017

A reminder that members of the public wanting to make a submission about the draft West Coast Aquatic Facilities Strategy that submissions must be received by 5pm this Friday. Copies of the document are available on the project website and Council’s Office and agencies.

Council employees undertook a recovery centre exercise last weekend involving attending a mock emergency and erecting Council’s portable Recovery Centre equipment (tents, generator etc). This was in conjunction with the Emergency Management exercise organised by the Police, West Coast Wilderness Railway, SES and others. The feedback I’ve received was very positive and Council will continue to improve its capacity in this area and to refine its ability to respond to its Recovery Centre duties should the need arise.


Council received $10,000 on behalf of the West Coast Weed Management Group from Cradle Coast NRM to undertake a review of the old Weed and Fire Management Group Strategy – now over eight years old. The Chair of the Weed Management Group, Lindsay Newman, has advised the group is in process of appointing a consultant to complete the review, which is expected to be completed by the end of November.  This continues the positive work by the group to get all major stakeholders around the table and work towards implementing strategies around the region.


The pavement cleaning process in Queenstown, due for completion in a week or so, has been a great success with Council receiving a lot of positive feedback.  The intention is to continue the program where possible in the other towns. The challenge for the future is to find a process which is not so labour intensive. But all said, a good job by our workforce.


Phil Vickers


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