NBN Critical for West Coast Education

31 May 2016

Reliable, high-speed NBN connection is critical for the continued delivery of education opportunities on the West Coast.

Reliable, high-speed NBN connection is critical for the continued delivery of education opportunities on the West Coast.

West Coast Mayor Phil Vickers today met with the Director of the Tasmanian Catholic Education Office, Mr. John Mula to discuss the strategic directions of Catholic education in the region, with NBN availability highlighted as essential.

The Catholic Education Office has invested significant funds into connecting all of its schools to enable video-conferencing, connection between classes from different schools and professional development sessions to be carried out as part of standard delivery of programs.

St Joseph’s Primary Schools in Rosebery and Queenstown are unable to be connected due to the current internet service available and an NBN service offering a maximum of 25mpbs, as offered via a satellite-NBN connection, will not be sufficient for the delivery of such education services.

“We are absolutely committed to our schools on the West Coast and this includes ensuring they are connected with our broader school communities,” Mr Mula said.

“We wouldn’t tolerate schools with no running water or electricity –why should we accept a poor-quality internet connection?  It is an essential service that our students and educators now rely upon,” the Director stated.

Council agrees, recognising this would be an issue for six of the region’s schools, and is determined to continue exploring all possible options to improve social, economic, educational and cultural outcomes for the West Coast.

 “This issue would not be limited to our Catholic schools and further highlights what Council has been advocating – that a mix of NBN technologies and the need for all parties to work together – is essential for the sustainability of services on the West Coast into the future,” Mayor Vickers said.

“Real-time, high-bandwidth services cannot be guaranteed with satellite-only NBN and whilst the Labor Party has announced its commitment to provide fibre NBN to our larger communities, I am confident that Brett Whiteley and the Liberal Party will also commit to a better mix of NBN technologies for the West Coast,” Mayor Vickers said.

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