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You can access the live stream of the Council Meeting taking place Tuesday 28 July 2020, 5:00pm here:

All questions from the public should be submitted to the General Manager or a Councillor (to raise on your behalf) up to 7 days prior to the meeting. Those submitted after that time will be taken as questions without notice. A recording of the meeting will be available on our website in the days following the meeting.

You do not need a Microsoft Teams account to join the live stream, select "view in browser" and then "join anonymously".

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West Coast Mountain Bike (MTB) Trail Strategy kicks off for Zeehan

10th July 2020

West Coast Mountain Bike (MTB) Trail Strategy Kicks off for Zeehan

This design process is part of Stage 2 of an ambitious MTB Trail development program, started by the Parks and Wildlife Service several years ago, and now detailed in Council’s comprehensive West Coast Mountain Bike Trail Strategy.West Coast Council is today launching an Expression of Interest (EOI) process, calling for proposals to design up to 20 kms of new MTB trails in the Heemskirk Regional Reserve - outside Zeehan.

The hunt is now on to attract the best designers in the world to design a further series of iconic MTB trails that have the potential to ignite the MTB community and ultimately provide exceptional trail experiences to complement existing trails on the West Coast (and the soon to be developed Mount Owen trail network in Queenstown).

This second Phase of the Stage 2 project would not have been possible without generous financial support from the Federal Government and has emerged on the back of some earlier work by the State Government to develop a series of MTB trails throughout the region (Stage 1), including now the new Oonah Hill Silver City Trail in Zeehan – the first purpose built MTB trail on the West Coast.

Mayor Vickers said: In recent years, the community voiced its strong support for the creation of a series of world class MTB trails in the region. With generous financial support from the Parks and Wildlife Service, Council was able to get on with some serious planning work to make that happen. With Council securing a further commitment from the Federal Government for an additional $2.5M investment into MTB Trail developments in the region, we are now in a very strong position to get on with the much anticipated Mt Owen project and an expansion of the Zeehan trail offerings as well.

In addition to the Queenstown and Zeehan opportunities, the West Coast Trail Strategy identified other big mountain descent opportunities, back country riding options and even long format trail rides in between towns in the region. Council will continue to implement the MTB Strategy in partnership, to provide the community and a range of stakeholders and investors, with an array of opportunities to take advantage of our location and the wonderful MTB opportunities the region provides. This work will ensure the West Coast is positioned to deliver unique MTB experiences to a wide range of riders, in order to attract more tourists to the area and thereby promote further economic development in the region.

Council is today calling for Expressions of Interest for Trail Network Design Services for the West Coast Mountain Bike Project (Phase 2 – Heemskirk Regional Reserve).

Proposals need to be submitted to Council no later than 5pm on Monday 27 July 2020.

Further information (including a detailed Design Brief) is available by contacting Dirk Dowling, Director Special Projects: