Mayor's Message 25 April 2017

Applications for funding under Council’s Community Assistance Program are currently being accepted.

This program generally provides allocations to services, clubs and organisations that are voluntary, not for profit and have a community focus.  Applications that will assist to recognise and support young people in individual academic, civic or sporting achievements, such as school awards, bursaries etc are also welcome as part of the program.  Applications must be received by 26 May, with Council to consider requests at its July meeting.  A reminder that this is an annual program, any applications received during the year which fit the program are not able to be considered outside of this current application timeframe.

West Coast tourism operators will have the opportunity to hear how a strong, world-class tourism industry was developed in Queenstown, New Zealand, with the Chair of New Zealand Tourism and CEO of Destination Queenstown (NZ) to be a guest speaker at the major West Coast tourism event being held in Queenstown (our version) on 7 May.  Several other guest speakers have also been confirmed, with the event aiming to produce key actions to ensure tourism on the West Coast is a collaborative partnership between operators and other stakeholders to ensure the industry can grow and further diversify and strengthen our economy.

A reminder that the April Council meeting will be held this Thursday in Queenstown. There is quite a bit on the agenda this month including reports relating to financial and in-kind support applications, Macquarie Heads Camping Ground and land use planning. As always, members of the public are welcome to attend and the meeting agenda is available to view at our office, agencies and via our website.  The meeting commences at 5pm.

Phil Vickers


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