West Coast Land Use Planning

18 October 2017

In preparation for the Statewide Planning Scheme conversion process, a West Coast Land Use Planning Strategy has been developed to provide direction for land use within the West Coast municipality, including the suitability of existing zoning.

“This strategy will provide the necessary evidence-base needed to prepare West Coast specific Local Provision Schedules, as required by the State Government’s proposed Statewide Planning Scheme,” West Coast Mayor Phil Vickers explained.

Members of the West Coast community are invited to make submissions on the strategy, which will be presented to Council for adoption in November 2017. 

“Council is currently reviewing all land in our municipality to make sure the best strategic land use planning option is possible within the West Coast.  I would encourage residents to have a look at the strategy and provide any feedback to the General Manager,” Mayor Vickers said.

More information and a copy of the strategy is available here